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Manners Award


Steven D. Manners Faculty Development Awards

Recipients  ·  Announcement

2020 Manners Awardees
Walsh · Levenson

"The Long-Term Evolution of Inequality: Poverty, Pollution, and Human Capital"

Randall Walsh, PhD
Randall Walsh, PhD
Department of Economics
University of Pittsburgh

ABSTRACT:   This project takes a historical perspective on the long-run impacts of economic development in the city of Pittsburgh from 1910-2010. It triangulates on the relationships among race, ethnicity, income, and pollution as they evolved over the period, including the long-term effect of pollution exposure on economic outcomes via human capital formation. While taking a broad historical arc, the analysis is embedded in economic models of geographic mobility and economic mobility. The project addresses three research questions: 1) How have patterns of inequity evolved over time?; 2) How is poverty transmitted through pollution and human capital development?; and 3) Over time, what tradeoffs have been faced by different demographic groups between location choice and economic opportunity?

"A School-Based Sleep Intervention Program for Adolescents with Absenteeism"

Jessica C. Levenson, PhD
Jessica C. Levenson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics  
University of Pittsburgh

ABSTRACT:  Adolescent school absenteeism is prevalent and associated with adverse academic, health, and functional consequences, both concurrently and longitudinally. Youth with insufficient sleep are at greater odds of reporting substantial school absence. We developed a school-based sleep promotion program for adolescents with absenteeism, delivered individually by school staff in the school setting, which relies on evidence-based strategies for improving sleep. We recently completed a small open trial of this program, which showed initial acceptability, feasibility, and impact on sleep. Several meaningful yet modifiable implementation barriers limited the delivery and impact of the program. To resolve these barriers, we are conducting a follow-up assessment with the youth who participated in our open trial to examine: 1) whether improvements in sleep duration and variability were sustained 1-year later; and 2) whether post-intervention sleep patterns, and changes in sleep during the open trial, predict sleep, academic performance, attendance, and psychosocial functioning at one-year follow-up.

Manners Award

Award Overview

Each year, the University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) awards the Steven D. Manners Faculty Development Awards to promising research projects in the social, behavioral, and policy sciences on campus. These awards honor the memory of Steve Manners, a sociologist who began working at the Center in 1974 and served as its Assistant Director from 1989 until his death in September 2000. His research and service to the Center and the University community were dedicated to improving social conditions in the urban environment.

Steven MannersSteven D. Manners

We will make two awards of up to $20,000 each, contingent upon the quality of applications and availability of funds. The proposed research must align with UCSUR's mission of working collaboratively to conduct interdisciplinary research that improves communities and addresses social, economic, health, and policy issues most relevant to society. Full-time faculty, post docs, and research associates from all University of Pittsburgh campuses may apply.

Manners Award Summary List

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